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Become A Host

For many, body-doubling or coworking, whether virtually or in person, is a lifestyle and/or lifeline.

We are looking for people who also see the value in regularly and repeatedly using our service. For that reason, to become a host, you must be a Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime member.

Before you can become a host, you must be a participant in at least one (1) 30-minute focus session and nine (9) one-hour and above sessions. Why? You need to experience the environment before you can be trusted to manage the environment. You may find that you prefer participating to hosting, and you won’t know that unless you’ve experienced both roles.

Due to the limited number of hosting slots available, you may be placed on our waiting list.

Monthly & Yearly Members Who Host

Each session you host will extend your renewal as follows:

For example:

Your membership renews on the 14th of the month, and you accumulate the equivalent of 168 hours of hosting time. This means your new renewal will be pushed out by seven (7) days, and your next payment will not be deducted until the 21st of the month.
The more you host, the further out you can push your renewal date. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can host.
If you decide to take a break from hosting, then it’s totally fine because then your next monthly/yearly payment will simply be deducted after your renewal date stops being pushed further out, and as long as there is a slot free you can start back hosting any time.
Lifetime Members Who Host
Each session you host will earn you credit towards gift card codes as follows:
Credit cannot be exchanged for money and will only be converted to gift card codes once your total reaches $10 or more.

For example:

You accumulate 50 hours of hosting time worth $12 in account credit. This means you have enough credit to request one (1) $10 gift card code, and the remaining $2 will be left as account credit to be applied towards your next gift card code.
Each time you meet the minimum threshold of $10, you will receive an email from us letting you know you can request to have your credit converted into a gift card code of your choice from our redemption page (coming soon).
Gift card codes will only be sent via email.
You are required to request one or more gift card codes once your account credit balance reaches $20.
If you do not make a request within seven (7) days of being notified that your account credit has reached $20, then we will send you two (2) Amazon gift card codes of $10 each.
Hosts Can Also Apply to the Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to earn a little money, you can apply to our affiliate program.

Affiliates receive 10% of every transcation initiated by those they refer. That means each time those you refer renew their membership, whether that be month-to-month or year-to-year, you will earn 10% each time.

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