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What can I do during a focus session?

Contrary to what some people may think, focus sessions are not just for getting work done on/at the computer.

Anything you need to get done you can do during a focus session. The main goal of focus sessions is to keep you productive and help you put away procrastination.

  • Some people may focus on a work project.
  • Some people may focus on a craft/art project.
  • Some people may focus on working out and resting during their breaks.
  • Some people do homework or helping someone else with homework.
  • Some people focus on chores, like doing laundry, cleaning their kitchens, cleaning their homes.
  • Some people may do meal prep.
  • Some people read and/or write.
  • Some people spend a short focus session planning everything they intend to do in a longer focus session.

The casual accountability is the magic!

You want to be able to come back at the end of the session and talk about your win(s), whether that be that you finished writing a piece or reading a piece, you finished your workout, you finished folding clothes and putting them away, you finished washing all the dishes (even if you didn’t get to drying them) and so on.

Again… the goal is to get done what you need to get done, so it doesn’t matter what you’re focusing on just as long as you get focused and stay focused. If you get distracted, then refocus and get back on task, and then be ready to celebrate during the last five minutes of the focus session.