Clubhouse Code of Conduct

Please read through everything on this page. We will exercise zero-tolerance when it comes to violating our Clubhouse Code of Conduct. There will be no warnings or second chances. If you violate the code of conduct, you will be banned from using the Focus Pocus Coworking Club service.

Let's start with the NO List
No solicitation and/or self-promotion

You can share what you’re doing without doing it in a way that is overt and/or subtle solicitation and/or self-promotion.


Right way: I’m working on a website for a client.

Wrong way: I’m working on

Wrong way: Check out this site I’m working on,, and give me your thoughts about it.


Right way: I’m scheduling posts for my social accounts.

Wrong way: I’m scheduling posts for @fpclub on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


Right way: I’m working on my speech for an event.

Wrong way: I’m working on a speech about how Jesus is the only way, the truth and the light, and if you don’t believe that then you’re going to hell.

Wrong way: Packing up signed copies of my books for a signing I’m doing in Detroit on August 3rd at 7p at Donovan’s Book Nook at 123 Main Street.


Share in generalities and not specifics that can be misconstrued as you trying to market and/or proselytize to the group.

No hate speech or bullying
Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
Protect the privacy of others

What happens in focus sessions, stays in focus sessions.

Do not take screenshots of/during focus sessions, and do not record focus sessions.

Do not share things you learn in focus sessions about/from other individuals/businesses anywhere else in any form.

Do not start private chats with others in the group without asking for permission first in the public chat.

Please keep in mind that Admins can see everything that is going on whether it is public or private.

G-Rated Content Only

Keep the content whole-family-friendly.

No toxic positivity, please!

If everything goes perfect for you 100% of the time of every hour of every day, then woo-hoo! You are not in the right place if this is your life.

Regardless of what other people tell you or how amazing everyone else’s life seems through the lens of social media, it’s okay not to be okay or to fall short if/when you’re not okay and/or when you fall short.

Be honest with yourself first, and don’t be afraid to be honest with the group, too. Let others encourage you.

As far as we know… none of us is perfect, and it’s okay to acknowledge that so you can determine where you’re falling short and do better when you can do better.

Leave personal beliefs and points of view outside focus sessions

We are here to get focused, stay focused and get our respective tasks completed.

The chat on Focus Pocus CC is not for carrying on lengthly conversations about personal beliefs and/or points of view about current events and/or politics and/or religion and/or any other topics that can cause hard feelings and controversy between even the best of well-intentioned people.

Please save all of that stuff for your social accounts and/or blogs.

Respect the structure of the focus session

Be mindful of the work/break cycle structure.

If you decide to work through the breaks, that is totally fine, but do not complain about the fact that there are breaks.

The structure is the structure.

If you do not care for the structure here at Focus Pocus Coworking Club, then please try some other sites that offer similar services.