Why do I have to receive a login link via email to access your site?

For security reasons and to cut down on account sharing, you will receive a login link via the email address on your account to log into the Focus Pocus website.

Please note that the IP address from which you accessed our site previously is logged each time you log in and will be queried when you next click the login link to access our site. If you have forwarded the link to someone else, and they click the link from an IP address that our site security does not recognize, then this will cause your account to be locked, which will mean neither that person or you will be able to access your account without our intervention.

If it is required for us to intervene to get you back into your account, and we determine that the intervention is because you attempted to share your account with someone else (not because you’re in a different location yourself and/or on someone else’s Internet connection, like at a coffeehouse or the library), we will end your use of our site immediately.

Please just do the right thing and do not share your access with other people.